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‘Step out the front door …’

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Counting Crows

Counting Crows at Washington Square

Greetings, and thanks for checking out my new Counting Crows site, powered by the good people at

I previously had a Counting Crows fan site on Angelfire, and then and other places, but now that I have my own server, I will no longer be hampered with ads all over the site, etc. I will be adding content to this site voluminously in the coming weeks, the bulk of which, you will find along right column under the “Everything Counting Crows” heading. Here, you will find song lyrics from each album, guitar tabs, mp3 samples, links to other Counting Crows sites and band news. I also have a lengthy list of Counting Crows bootlegs that can be traded or offered via B&P (blanks and postage) for free, which means, you pay for the blank CDs and postage, and I burn a couple CDs for you.

My history with Counting Crows’ music is long and deep, and I will outline more of that in the coming days, as I build up the site content.

A few questions might surface: Aren’t Counting Crows a 1990s band? Why are you starting a site to honor the band at this late juncture? Why is this a WordPress site?

To address them all in turn, first, no, Counting Crows have continued making great music through the 2000s, including 2002’s “Hard Candy” and 2008’s “Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings.” I am beginning this site because Counting Crows is one of the few bands which has remained relevant, and well, in existence, since 1994. The list of bands from that era having dropped off the planet is long, and I need not list them here. But Counting Crows continue to remain poignant and continue to inspire people with their music. The band’s latest album debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart, and obviously, I need not recount the success of August and Everything After and Recovering the Satellites.

Finally, why WordPress? Well, I find WordPress slightly limiting in Web site design, but I still have enormous control over every aspect of the look and feel of the site, and WordPress offers a largely easier installation and setup process than does joomla, which I did consider.

Again, please check back often as I will be adding wholesale content in the coming weeks, as well as tabs, lyrics, etc to the newer albums. Thanks for stopping by.

In August and everything after, I’m after everything …